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Fire exit and safety signs

Fire exit and safety signs in Cumbria

In order to prevent the risks that fire hazards can bring, your workplace needs to have fire signs to guide your staff to safety. At Beacon Fire Protection Limited, we have a wide selection of varying signs to highlight your fire protection facilities.

Fire exit signs for your business

From fire exits signs to assembly points, we can meet all your needs. We will provide friendly advice to make sure your signage complies with the latest fire regulations. To ensure your staff understands what all your fire signs mean, register for our fire safety training course. It is perfect for those requiring initial training and refresher courses. It will help in increasing your awareness of the dangers of fire. For more information on fire safety signs or to see our full catalogue, please contact us.
Fire safety signs

Fire safety signs include:

  • Fire exit signs
  • Normal exit signs
  • Emergency door instructions
  • Assembly points
  • Fire extinguisher signs
  • Fire alarm signs
  • Fire action notices
  • Identification signs
Our additional fire safety products include fire blankets, cabinets, covers, fire points and stands, panic bolts and latches, escape ladders, alarm bells, fire buckets, mini extinguishers, first aid kits and brigade equipment.
Fire safety equipment

Fire safety equipment in Cumbria

If there is anything else you need for fire safety, we at Beacon Fire Protection stock a comprehensive range of high quality products which are vital in emergency fire situations.

Our fire blankets are suitable for smothering fires in homes, kitchens, schools, hospitals and offices. They all comply with the latest European Standard BS EN 1869:1997.

All products are easy to use and built to a high standard to withstand the pressures of a live fire situation.

We can provide professional advice on the best use of all our products. To see our full catalogue, please contact us.
To place an order for fire safety signs, call Beacon Fire Protection Limited on 
01768 863 551

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