CCTV Systems bring a number of important benefits, from spotting risks and moitoring activity to securing your premises.

CCTV Supply and Installation

CCTV can be used in a wide range of deployments, from security and detection to monitoring and recording. We can help you plan and build your CCTV network – just get in touch using the form below.

Activity Monitoring

If you need to monitor certain parts of your business, CCTV can enable you to do this without physically being there. For example, track employees as they enter and leave certain areas, or keep an eye on a certain piece of equipment. Activity monitoring can be setup so you can record and view remotely to your premises.

Discouraging Crime

Having an obvious CCTV system and related signs can be a huge crime deterrent for any would-be criminals. This is doubly useful in that any crimes that are actually committed will be recorded, very useful as evidence in any court or police proceedings.

Record Keeping

CCTV can also be useful for recording certain activities. For example, employee attendance, deliveries, customer visits and much more.


This is from the governments website on CCTV use:

You must:

  • tell people they may be recorded, usually by displaying signs, which must be clearly visible and readable
  • control who can see the recordings
  • make sure the system is only used for the purpose it was intended for – for example, if it was set up to detect crime, you must not use it to monitor how much work your staff do

We can guide you through the pitfalls of managing the data captured by CCTV.

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