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Beacon Fire Protection Ltd are proud to announce that we have 5 Qualified 5 Door Inspectors Ready to Help

We work Along side Fd Fire Doors who Have Full Accreditation Certification

A fire door inspection involves:

  • A full visual inspection of the door.
  • Check of all hinges. 
  • Intumescent seals. 
  • Gaps around the door. 
  • Door closers.
  • The frame.

At the end of the inspection you will be provided with a full door schedule and an inspection report for every door. 

There is a legal requirement for those responsible for buildings, under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, to ensure that all fire doors continue to retain the ability to resist the passage of fire throughout their working life.

If issues are found with your fire doors they will need correcting as soon as possible and using the correct components. Failure to do so will invalidate certification.

Common failures are: 

  • Doors, and or frames, incorrectly fitted or damaged.
  • Doors not fully closing into their frames.
  • Incorrect / insufficient fire stopping between door frames and structural openings. 
  • Faulty door closers.
  • Damaged fire seals.
  • Ironmongery not to the correct specification.
  • Excessive gaps between the frame and door.
  • Glazing not to specification.

Fire doors are engineered to save lives and property


In the UK roughly 3 million new fire doors are manufactured and installed each year.

However, 99% of these doors fail a fire door inspection. A non- compliant installation places lives and property at risk.

Fire doors are manufactured in different ways and have different internal core materials.

Before a fire door is brought to market in the UK it must be tested in a furnace where the door is subject to the heat conditions that would be expected in a fire situation.


It is important that you understand early on that a minor mistake in the installation process can have dangerous consequences. If you install a fire door incorrectly you are putting lives and property at risk as the door may not be able to perform in a fire scenario.

Fire doors are an engineered safety device. When installed correctly they save lives. It is vital that you get the installation correct as it is life critical.



The Grenfell Fire disaster has led to some big changes within the fire safety industry. The Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety: final report was a report which was commissioned by the government following the Grenfell Tower fire to make recommendations on fire safety.

This document has been widely referred to as the Hackitt Review and it has been a key driver for many changes surrounding fire door safety. The Hackitt Review recommended many changes, particularly regarding high rise residential blocks (HRRBs).

As a result of the Hackitt Review, there has been an increase in fire door awareness. Housing associations and local authorities are now looking for fire door installers to have proof of competency.



There are new laws and regulations affecting the fire door industry across the UK.

The government has issued new guidance for housing associations and passed the Fire Safety Act and the Building Safety Act into law.

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