Introducing The Green Range: Checkfire’s New Sustainable Initiative

We believe in the power of sustainability throughout the supply chain. And with national interest, evolving regulations, and customer demands, we also understand that businesses want to contribute to a greener future – without compromising on fire safety quality and performance. That’s why we’ve launched The Green Range.



What is The Green Range?

The Green Range exists to deliver access to sustainable products and services, so our trade customers can be confident they’re contributing to an eco-conscious supply chain, by delivering access to fire safety products and services that are kinder to the environment.

Simply look for the green crosshair across our products and services to know they belong to The Green Range

enviroFoam Fluorine-Free Foam 

Our first product launch of The Green Range, the new and improved CommanderEDGE enviroFoam Fluorine-Free fire extinguisher range supports with the ever-growing demand for a true environmentally friendly firefighting solution containing no harmful PFAS, tackling Class A and Class B fires.

We recycle fire extinguishers

Part of The Green Range service offering, our Fire Extinguisher Recycling Service makes it simple to dispose of old units sustainably. We recycle between 25,000 to 30,000 fire extinguishers per month, and almost all components of a unit can be used again, supporting infrastructure overseas.

Exciting new developments to come…

This is only the beginning for The Green Range. We have a number of exciting new product developments underway, all designed to set new standards for sustainability in the fire trade throughout 2024 and beyond.