Fire Safety During Lockdown

During our recent and current lockdowns, fire safety is an important factor to consider.

Many people will be spending much more time indoors during this winter lockdown due to the rain, cold and snow. This brings some challenges and factors that are useful to understand.


As we spend more time indoors, heating your home will become a little more important. We will all be using heating much more than if we were out at work all day, or down the pub on a Friday night (we wish!).

This means that we need to keep an eye on a couple of things: Carbon Monoxide if you heat your home with gas is a danger – make sure you have a Carbon Monoxide Alarm that works and is safe.

Another risk is the use of electric space heaters. These can get very warm and pose a fire risk if not used correctly. Some have an auto-off switch if tipped, so make sure you know how to correctly use one.


With restaurants and cafes closed, we will all be cooking a bit more. Some tips are common sense – do not use barbeques indoors, for example.

Other tips are mainly around awareness – do not put your toaster under wooden shelves, or near things that can combust. Make sure your oven is clean and don’t leave it unattended while you go our for your daily exercise.

The kitchen is where the majority of household fires start, so just be safe and think things through first.

Open Flames

Making your home cosy and warm is always nice, but again – there are risks. Open fires and candles are a hazard, so always be aware of the surroundings. Do not leave a naked flame unattended.

Try to keep flames away from any combustible material, such as curtains and clothes, even plants hanging over candles can catch alight.

An alternative to using candles is LED candles – I know these are not as emotive and do not produce the scent of the ambience, but in all circumstances, they are much safer.

Fire Detection and Alarms

This one is a no-brainer. Check your fire alarm. Go and do it now – this minute. Having more is better – ideally in every room, although this is not always practical.

Check your smoke alarms are fully working and have a 10 year battery or a long-lasting sealed battery.

Just remember, a smoke alarm may be your first warning of a fire in your house – make sure its fit for purpose.

Stay safe, stay warm and just have a think about your safety during these lockdown periods.