How often should I test my fire safety equipment?

Fire safety Cumbria

Fire Safety Equipment comes in a number of different guises, from Fire Extinguishers and Fire Alarms, to emergency lighting. Maintaining these and keeping them in perfect condition is an essential part of your responsibility.

Fire Safety Equipment

If disaster strikes and an emergency arises from a fire, you can’t rely on Fire Safety Equipment that has not been tested in years. A simple weekly test of a fire alarm system is all that’s needed to ensure its effective.

Other equipment is a little more complicated, for example Fire Extinguishers need to be serviced at least once every year A further discharge check every 5 years for water, foam and powder extinguishers.

These tests need to be carried out by a fire safety professional. In many cases, it is more cost effective to simply replace the fire extinguishers rather than discharge / refill at this 5 year test. But we can always discuss this at the time.

Fire Alarms

Fire alarms should be checked as often as possible. A simple weekly test of your fire alarm system, from different call points is enough to give you the peace of mind that your system is safe.

Fire Extinguishers

Every week you need to check your fire extinguishers are all present and correct, and that there are no obstructions or damage to them.

Once a month, take a look at the pressure gauges to see if they are still usable.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting should be looked at and tested monthly to see if it still works and is bright enough.

Once a year, there is a requirement to have a 3 hour emergency lighting test. This is to make sure that the lights stay active for this length of time. Usually, businesses will call us to carry out this test for you.

If in doubt…

…call an expert! Beacon Fire carry out many of these weekly, monthly and annual tests. They advise on the best course of action in case of any defects.

Remember that some of these checks are enshrined in law, so always get a professional if you are unsure how often you should test fire safety equipment. Get in touch now.